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Royal Ortho Mattress Only


Category: Bedroom, Mattresses

Royal Ortho Mattress
The Royal Ortho is a perfect mattress as it is designed
to provide your body with stable and firm support while
you sleep. The traditional open coil springs are known
for their solid yet comfortable support for all body types.
Along with the luxurious fillings, the Royal
Ortho also covered in a quilted top.
For longevity and a more balanced surface, this
mattress is recommended to be turned regularly
as to enjoy the comfort of both sides.
This mattress is suitable for all types of bed bases.


• 12.5g Ortho Open Coil Springs
• 6G Rod Edge Support
• Enforced with Hard Pads
• Foam Mattress (Firm Feel)
• Mattress Height 7.5”


Headboard not included*

Bed SizeSingle, Small Double, Double, King

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